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Explore all resources on the relationship between uric acid and the kidney.


Down and Out Kidney brochure

Down and Out Kidney brochure

See how uric acid can damage organs, including the kidneys.

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Prevalence card

Prevalence card

Learn about how common gout is and potential ways you can identify patients whose gout may not be controlled.

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Down and Out Kidney video

View this cautionary tale about what happens when uric acid overwhelms the kidneys in people with gout.

Down and Out Kidney video wallpaper

Download dramatic moments from the video to your desktop or mobile phone.


Oh, the Places Urate Will Go! A Vodcast Series on Systemic Urate Deposition

Learn about the surprising and concerning places where urate deposition has been found throughout the body, and what it means for patients with systemic urate deposition, hosted by Dr. Ada Kumar, radiologist.


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